Grow Up


BUD is back! Join this adorable wobbly robot on his fantastical acroBUDic adventure to the moon.

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Though it doesn't introduce many game-changing ideas, Grow Up takes B.U.D. to a bigger playground to climb in.
110d ago
A superb remix of Grow Home that gives BUD a bigger sandbox to play in, at the expense of some challenge.
109d ago
It may be a lot of bloat, but at least the game's comfortable enough to carry it proudly.
109d ago
www.giantbomb.comPlayStation 4
Drifting over the polygonal landscape looking for crystals is still a peaceful good time, if you can overlook a few flaws.
109d ago
www.gamespot.comPlayStation 4
There’s enough charm and visually rewarding exploration to make Grow Up worth a look if you can get past the control issues, but that's ultimately easier said than done.
110d ago
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