Runbow Releases August 27

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Get Ready To Runbow! ...Runbow will be releasing for Wii U on Thursday, August 27th in the U.S.

Runbow can be played as a single player experience or a party game with up to nine players. The game challenges the players with being the first to reach a trophy at the end of the map, however, that's easier said than done... As each player is assigned a different color at the start of the race, and the background colors change frequently throughout the action-packed run, any object that gets camouflaged by a background that matches its color becomes non-existent, and can lead to you falling to your death, which you only get one of per race. (The concept is shown off in the trailer below; trust us, it looks like a fun challenge!)

As an extra incentive to get in on the chaos, it's been announced that several guest characters will be making an appearance in the game including, Shovel Knight, Rusty from Steamworld Dig, Juan and Tostada from Guacamelee!, CommanderVideo and CommandGirlVideo from the BIT.TRIP games, Scram Kitty from Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails, and Swift Thornebrook from Sportsball.

The game will cost $14.99. A release in Europe and Japan will follow shorty after the U.S. launch.

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