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Yamashita's Gold Season 1

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In the closing months of WWII, legend has it that Japanese soldiers - led by General Yamashita, along with Allied POWs - constructed secret tunnels underground in dozens of locations and buried treasure worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Yamashita had the entrances blown up, trapping the soldiers inside to keep his secret. It's a grand mystery that involves a secret cadre of princes called the Golden Lily, booby-trapped tunnels marked by ancient Japanese symbols, and real-life characters like Douglas MacArthur, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill and FDR. One Filipino farmer witnessed the operation and for the first time, he has entrusted his secrets to a group of dedicated investigators and engineers who are using the latest technology to search for the treasure - and the truth.

Yamashita's Gold Season 1 release date for History TBA (US)
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