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Wings of Steele - Revenge and Retribution

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In this 3rd book of the Wings of Steele series, the Freedom is gone forever and the adventure continues as Jack Steele and his crew is awarded a new ship and a new position. Newly minted Vice Admiral Jack Steele replaces the functionally insane Admiral Pottsdorn as the commander of Task Force Lancer with a tall order and great expectations for success by the UFW Fleet Admiralty. The Task Force leaves a stabilized and closely monitored Veloria Prime bound for the Terran system. Their new mission is to invite Earth into the United Federation of Worlds... and the UFW Directorate will not accept anything less than success. But there is a lot of deep space in between Velora Prime and the Terran System so it is anything but a leisurely trip. Jack Steele struggles with his newly acquired responsibilities but his tough, resourceful sister, Lisa Steele, has her brother's back in this fast-paced roller-coaster adventure.


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Wings of Steele - Revenge and Retribution release date August 29, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Wings of Steele - Revenge and Retribution was released 911d ago in the US and the UK.
August 29, 2014Confirmed
August 29, 2014Confirmed
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