National Geographic 3 Years Ago March 11, 2018 us

Wicked Tuna Season 7 Release Date

The tv series season Wicked Tuna Season 7 is already released on National Geographic in the USA. The upcoming National Geographic release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
National Geographic
March 11, 2018Confirmed
National Geographic
Wicked Tuna Season 7 cover art
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Wicked Tuna Season 7

TV Series Season

Fishing is a hard life, and harder with bluefin stocks depleted. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, there's a special breed of fishermen. For generations they've used rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. They depend on these fish for their livelihood, and the competition is brutal. Over the next 10 weeks, the most skilled fishermen will set out in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic in hopes of catching the valuable bluefin tuna. When one bluefin can bring in as much as $20,000—they'll do whatever it takes to hook up.

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