National Geographic WILD 3 Years Ago July 30, 2017 us

When Nature Calls Season 1 (I) Release Date

The tv series season When Nature Calls Season 1 (I) is already released on National Geographic WILD in the USA. The upcoming National Geographic WILD release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
National Geographic WILD
July 30, 2017Confirmed
National Geographic WILD
When Nature Calls Season 1 (I) cover art
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When Nature Calls Season 1 (I)

TV Series Season

Rattlesnake in your backyard? They can catch it! Moose in your kitchen? No problem! Skunk hiding out in your car engine? Don't sweat it, they'll get it! When wildlife gets too close for comfort, these animal relocators are the people you want to call for help. Follow four teams of animal relocators as they respond to frantic calls for help from people who have come face to face with animals in their own backyards. Their main objective is to keep both animals and people safe. No matter how desperate, outrageous or unbelievable the situation, these rescuers get the job done. From a rogue moose in Alaska to curious skunks under kitchen sinks, these are the real stories of animal relocators.

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