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What the Fake?! Release Date

The boardgame What the Fake?! is already released on First Edition in the UK. The upcoming First Edition release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
First Edition
First Edition
September 15, 2014Expected
What the Fake?! cover art
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What the Fake?!


In What the Fake?!, you want to draw pictures just like everyone else — at least you do if you're a fake artist and not a real one. At the start of the game, one or two players receive a role card showing them to be fake artists, while everyone else gets to be the real deal. Each round, reveal a topic card from the deck; the color of the card on the top of the deck reveals which topic is chosen for the round. Each player then draws three images as quickly as possible, with the round ending as soon as the next-to-last player has finished his drawings. Everyone then compares their images to see who's drawn what. Real artists score one point for each image they drew that no one else drew, while fakes score one point for each image drawn by at least one real artist (and zero points for everything else). After the role cards have circled the table once, the game ends and whoever has the highest score wins.

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