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WE WERE BROTHERS is the ultimate WWII infantry warfare board game and the firs cross-over wargame. The game covers 30 historical missions for US, Wehrmacht, British and Italian armies from the 3 landings theaters in Italy: Operation Husky, Operation Avalanches and Operation Shingle. We Were Brothers is a cross-over wargame because it effectively blends elements from several game categories. From the wargame it shares historical, technical and tactical accuracy. Every wargamer, from the newbie to the expert one, will be delighted of the level of detail and all the classic elements as LOS, covers, scattering, different weapons, roles, suppressive fire, opportunity fire, off-board artillery support and Clos Air Support, etc. However the original lean game mechanics Alea Struggle System allows to drop any table, ruler and other complicate measurement method, making the game fast, deep and easy to learn, yet challenging to master.

We were Brothers release date rumored Q4 2014 5 Years Ago (US)

Release Dates

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We were Brothers was released 2127d ago in the US and the UK.
Infantry Warfare Edition
Q4 2014Rumored
Infantry Warfare Edition
Q4 2014Rumored
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