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VAUXHALL Firenza Droopsnoot Release Date

The classic car VAUXHALL Firenza Droopsnoot upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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VAUXHALL Firenza Droopsnoot cover art

VAUXHALL Firenza Droopsnoot

Classic Car

The Firenza departed even further from the standard Viva HC formula with the unveiling of the Firenza HP – nicknamed the Droopsnoot – in 1973. This was the HC coupé body with a glassfibre nose cone and injected with 131bhp courtesy of its tweaked 2279cc engine. The streamlined front was more than just show as top speed was raised to 120mph. However, the car wasn’t a success. Just 204 had been built by the time it was dropped in 1975, against estimates of 1000 a year. Resourcefully, Vauxhall then used the left-over noses on 197 HC estate cars, dubbed Sportshatches.

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