Science 2 Years Ago April 26, 2020 us

Unearthed Season 7 Release Date

The tv series season Unearthed Season 7 is already released on Science in the USA. The upcoming Science release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
April 26, 2020Confirmed
Unearthed Season 7 cover art
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Unearthed Season 7

TV Series Season

Egypt's Black Pyramid, Jericho's Great Walls and New York City's Twin Towers - these are some of the world's most impressive structures ever built. But what went into their construction? And what did researchers uncover about their unique backstories? UNEARTHED returns to Science Channel on Sunday, April 26, at 10 PM ET/PT, and decodes the mysteries of the world's most iconic structures and monuments from ancient to present day.

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