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Uncensored with Michael Ware Season 1 Release Date

The tv series season Uncensored with Michael Ware Season 1 is already released on National Geographic in the USA. The upcoming National Geographic release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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National Geographic
January 24, 2017Confirmed
National Geographic
Uncensored with Michael Ware Season 1 cover art
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Uncensored with Michael Ware Season 1

TV Series Season

Audacious journalist Michael Ware is best known for his coverage as a war correspondent, spending nearly a decade of his life in some of the most brutal and hostile combat zones on the planet. Famous for his coverage of the Iraq War, Ware was given access that he deemed to be frightening, witnessing the horrors of war and the birth of ISIS. Now, in National Geographic's new eight-episode series UNCENSORED WITH MICHAEL WARE, Ware is leaving the trenches to embark on a new adventure as he investigates some of the most fascinating people, places and cultures on the planet. Ware brings his style of gritty, unapologetic journalism to some of the world's buzziest areas, ranging from the rough and savage highlands of Papua New Guinea - where women who are thought to be witches are hunted and killed - to the glamorous streets of Los Angeles where celebrities are sought out and snapped by paparazzi.

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