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TVR Taimar Release Date

The classic car TVR Taimar upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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TVR Taimar cover art

TVR Taimar

Classic Car

Sold alongside the 3000M for three years, the Taimar finally answered a long-asked question of TVRs and provided proper external access to the boot via a large hatchback. A vast improvement compared to leaning over the seats. This added a mere 9kgs in extra weight, and otherwise the cars were identical. Their appeal was obvious and despite a price premium, the Taimar was a strong seller. Of special note is the Taimar Turbo, of which around 30 were built. Alongside a handful of 3000Ms, these were the first British production cars to be turbocharged. Prices are commensurately higher.

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