Triumph GT6 Mark III cover art

Triumph GT6 Mark III

Classic Car

Visual changes were made in line with the MkIV Spitfire, though if anything they are more successful on the GT6, whose fastback styling suits the new cut-off tail. At the front, the bonnet bulge remains, in a flatter and wider form. Rear side windows are reprofiled for a cleaner look. There was no significant change to the two-litre power unit, but switching to the DIN standard of power measurement drops quoted power output from 104bhp to 98bhp. The rear axle was changed to the cheaper Spitfire system for 1973 – but you won’t notice the difference.

Triumph GT6 Mark III release date TBA (US)
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The Triumph GT6 Mark III release date is to be announced on Fastback.

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