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Time Rifters Release Date

The game Time Rifters is already released on PC in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
October 21, 2014Confirmed
October 21, 2014Confirmed
Time Rifters cover art
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Time Rifters


Ever wanted to play a multi-player game where you control all of your teammates? Now you can! Time Rifters is a single player co-op shooter where 'time rifts' allow you to be your own teammates. In each arena you will have 4 chances to defeat as many enemies as possible, but you won't be alone because with each new life you'll be joined by replays of your previous lives. Strategically plan your attack with yourself in the past and future. Play with or without a Rift, but we recommend VR for the best experience since it's been developed from the ground up for the Oculus Rift. Time Rifters was a finalist in the Oculus/IndieCade 2013 VR Jam.

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