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The Visitors

  • First Edition

The Visitors is a cooperative 1 to 4 player game where the players are sent to a haunted manor with the objective of stop any manifestation of their arrival. Players take turn eliminating the haunting from the rooms of the manor and dealing with whatever Visitor that might appear. The game ends after all the Visit cards have been used, meaning that they have successfully managed to stop their invasion. It will also end if 3 Visitors are present in the board at the same time, as they have become too strong to be defeated now. Players are allocated 3 action points on their turn, and can choose to move to an adjacent room or to use a trinket in order to destroy a manifestation. Each Visitor brought on to the board makes the game harder as more Visit cards have to be drawn, with the extra effect of speeding up gameplay.


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The Visitors release date TBA

Release Dates

The The Visitors release date is to be announced on First Edition.
First Edition
First Edition
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