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The Sword of Cyrus: A Thriller Release Date

The book The Sword of Cyrus: A Thriller is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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October 26, 2014Confirmed
October 26, 2014Confirmed
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The Sword of Cyrus: A Thriller


That oath “May Allah let me die a death a thousand times worse than this if I do not avenge the deaths of my loved ones on the evil one who did this” has become a refrain in the head of Dalir (“the brave”) Jahandar. The great king’s blood ran in his veins. He would restore the ancient kingdom in all its glory, so that they might once more wield the Sword of Cyrus and conquer … In a secret laboratory in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, scientists, under the auspices of the group who calls themselves The Sword of Cyrus, have just developed a nanotech nuclear weapon so small it could fit into a mobile phone, yet it has the destructive power of 7 Hiroshima bombs. This is the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced weapon, developed with the explicit goal to wipe out Western civilization. In the same way that the Great King Cyrus conquered Babylon, while their enemy are revelling in its sin, drinking and whoring its way to perdition, they would infiltrate the stronghold by stealth and conquer them from within.

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