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The Spacefarers: To see it all. Release Date

The book The Spacefarers: To see it all. is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
November 23, 2014Confirmed
November 23, 2014Confirmed
The Spacefarers: To see it all. cover art
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The Spacefarers: To see it all.


To see it all is the third book in the first of the Spacefarer trilogies. Skeeter is returning to her roots to face and resolve the unfinished business she left behind when she departed to explore the Big Empty. Having faced and survived the challenges of the Galaxy in the Big Empty, she must now face challenges of her own making and come to terms with her feelings for the men in her life and make the decisions that will define her and her future destiny. Her past catches up with her almost immediately and recalls deadly conflicts that had almost cost her life. A visit to an old friend leads her into an interplanetary conflict when her weakness for the wrong man leads to her into mortal danger. Nothing can protect her from the events that draw her back unless she can learn to free herself from the chains of her past and start her future anew. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and Skeeter will need all the strength she has can muster. All the trials of the Galaxy are going to be little training for the ordeals that she now must now have to face.

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