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The Seryys Chronicles: Steel Alliance


The fragile peace between the Seryysans and the Vyysarri remains tenuous as Khai, Sibrex, Dah and Puar find themselves stranded within the remnants of the long-dead society of those known as the Founders. Meanwhile they are being hunted by an enemy that easily annihilates the Seryys Navy’s Sixth Fleet, vastly outgunning both the Seryysans and Vyysarri. These enemies, the F’Rosians will stop at nothing to obliterate and dominate the people of Seryys. Things on Seryys have gone from bad to worse. With the evacuation of Seryys City, the Reapers have sent the entire planet into disarray and panic. On the heels of Seryys’ current crisis, the Reapers act as the harbinger of a plague of epic proportions. This plague defies both reality and logic and pushes Prime Minister Pual’Kin Puar to resort to dubious tactics, tactics that go horribly, terrifyingly wrong. With the F’Rosian Fleet on its way to Seryys, Prime Minister Puar is forced to ask for help from Prefect Chuumdar. Worst of all, Puar realizes that if he can’t get the Reapers and the plague under control, there may be nothing left to protect from the F’Rosians.

The Seryys Chronicles: Steel Alliance release date September 7, 2014 3 Years Ago (US)

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The Seryys Chronicles: Steel Alliance was released 1111d ago in the US and the UK.
September 7, 2014Confirmed
September 7, 2014Confirmed

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