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The Quest of Alain Ducasse US Release Date

The movie The Quest of Alain Ducasse is already released on Cinema and VOD in the USA. The upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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June 8, 2018Confirmed
June 8, 2018Confirmed
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The Quest of Alain Ducasse


What could be the quest of Alain Ducasse, a culinary genius who has become a gastronomic star? The perfect flavour? The essence of nature? The ideal dish? What could a man who seems to have everything be looking for? Alain Ducasse relentlessly travels the world smelling, tasting, touching, inspecting and scrutinising plants, materials and products. What could this endlessly inquisitive man be after as he visits gardens, markets, holes-in-the-wall and the greatest restaurants around the globe? 23 restaurants worldwide, 18 Michelin stars, Alain Ducasse fearlessly continues creating trendy new places, building schools, writing books and launching major projects. To him, cooking is an endless universe and a vision of the world. This public yet very private man agreed to be followed for nearly two years, opening the doors of his ever-changing world up to us.
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