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The Lord of the Ice Garden Release Date

The boardgame The Lord of the Ice Garden is already released on First Edition in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
First Edition
October 31, 2014Expected
First Edition
October 31, 2014Expected
The Lord of the Ice Garden cover art
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The Lord of the Ice Garden


Players impersonate the scientists struggling for the domination over The Coast of Sails and also for staying on Midgaard, because soon after them another person arrives to this world: Vuko Drakkainen, highly trained agent, whose task is to find the members of scientific expedition and send them back to Earth. Or, as as last resort, make them vanish. Will the players, as powerful gods, allow him to do it? From the first turn players are tossed in the middle of war. They will feel the adrenaline, fear, pain and the heat of a battle. They will smell blood and sweat, hear the clash of arms, and moaning of wounded and dying. The game may end in one of the three ways: • meeting the player's unique victory condition – the game ends and that player is the winner, • after specified number of turns game ends and the player with most victory points is the winner, • the Dead Snow token reaches the end of its track – each use of magic shakes the balance of Midgaard. If the players exceed the limit of changes that world and its gods can accept, the game ends and the winner is the player with the highest reputation.

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