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The Legacy: Season Two

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The Legacy is a character-driven drama series about what it means to be a family in a day and age where the classical family patterns have undergone radical change. As in season one, the second season of the series is played out with the manor, Grønnegaard located in South Funen, as the central stage. This stately home had been bequeathed to Signe by her real mother, the artist Veronika Grønnegaard. As her recently acquired siblings, Gro, Frederik and Emil, continue to be strongly attached to the manor, this complicates the situation. Gro s father, Thomas, still lives in his workmen s hut in the back garden. At Grønnegaard, tensions are strained to the breaking point by different desires and agendas. Skeletons come rattling out of the cupboards; and, once let loose, complex strategies and deep emotions are running high.


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The Legacy: Season Two was released 577d ago in the UK.
July 27, 2015Confirmed
July 27, 2015Confirmed
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