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Get hooked on Heck: the maverick detective who knows no boundaries. The perfect read for fans of Stuart Macbride and Luther. DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg is used to bloodbaths. But nothing can prepare him for this. Heck’s most dangerous case to date is open again. Two years ago, countless victims were found dead - massacred at the hands of Britain’s most terrifying gang. When brutal murders start happening across the country, it’s clear the gang is at work again. Their victims are killed in cold blood, in broad daylight, and by any means necessary. And Heck knows it won’t be long before they come for him. Brace yourself as you turn the pages of a living nightmare. Welcome to The Killing Club.

The Killing Club release date May 12, 2015 2 Years Ago (US)

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The Killing Club was released 868d ago in the US and the UK.
May 22, 2014Confirmed
May 12, 2015Confirmed
May 22, 2014Confirmed
May 22, 2014Confirmed
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