The Island of Dr. Moreau

  • Blu-ray

Shipwrecked Andrew Braddock washes ashore on a remote, tropical island in the Pacific. There he is attended to by the seemingly kindly Dr. Moreau and his dour assistant Montgomery. Also living in Moreau's stockaded fort is the beautiful and exotic Maria, to whom Braddock is immediately attracted. The island's natives appear very strange to Braddock, who questions both Moreau and Montgomery on their unusual appearances and behavior. Not satisfied with their explanations, Braddock discovers that these monstrosities are actually wild predator animals that have been imported to the island and, as a result of genetic manipulation and surgery, have taken on human characteristics, including rudimentary speech. Disgusted by these unnatural experiments and cruelty, Braddock attempts to stop Moreau's work... with tragic consequences...


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The Island of Dr. Moreau release date June 23, 2015 20 Months Ago

Release Dates

The Island of Dr. Moreau was released 609d ago in the US.
June 23, 2015Confirmed
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