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The Guardians Season 1

TV Series Season
  • Animal Planet

What happens when animals are in distress and can't advocate for themselves? Guardians of Rescue step in. In this all-new series, Animal Planet introduces this volunteer-run organization called Guardians of Rescue and follows its quest to help any animal in need - anywhere, anytime. The Guardians features Guardians of Rescue founder and President Rob Misseri and his dynamic team: Dori, Moose, Brian, Face, Marceline, Miss Elle, Amanda and Bill. Though they may be an eclectic team - ex-military personnel, retired police detectives, former FBI investigators, carpenters, electricians and even former convicts and gang members - they unite in their passion and dedication for animal advocacy. With this group, first impressions are not always what they seem. When an animal is in need, their tough facade washes away and clients see their true love and compassion come forth.


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The Guardians Season 1 release date for Animal Planet January 7, 2017 7 Weeks Ago

Release Dates

The Guardians Season 1 was released on Animal Planet 49d ago in the US.
Animal Planet
January 7, 2017Confirmed
Animal Planet
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