Cinema 8 Years Ago June 30, 2014 us

The Grievance Group Release Date

The movie The Grievance Group is already released on Cinema in the USA. The upcoming Cinema release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
June 30, 2014Confirmed
The Grievance Group cover art
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The Grievance Group


When breaking news occurs around the world. We can read about it instantly online. In most cases, readers can post comments below the article and express their feelings. Travis, a 40 year old African American Male, stalks these discussions . He is looking for individuals who may need help in dealing with a situation that has been haunting him for years as well. He had a loved one murdered. The murderer was never caught. He started a group that would help those in the same situation as himself. To grieve and talk about their feelings and find some sort of closure so they can live a normal life again. Out of the 20 members of his group. He finds 7of them will never get the closure they need unless the murderers are found, and executed. Secretly he pulls them aside one by one after class, and hands them a card. The card reads: "If your REALLY serious about getting the closure you deserve , i have the solution. Find me at the old industrial park on broadway, and show me you have what it takes to take care of problems... and how bad you want it." The team awaits.

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