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The Fosters Season 3

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  • ABC Family

The third season of “The Fosters” picks up during summer, a few weeks after the cliffhanger finale left off, as the family deals with the aftermath of the terrible car accident involving Mariana, Jesus and their pregnant biological mother Ana. Now that Callie is back at the Adams Foster's home, she is feeling secure for the first time in a long time and determined to have a summer of free-spirited fun, including trying her best to get over Brandon. Meanwhile, Brandon is going to Idyllwild Music Program where he will be faced with serious competition. Jude and Connor continue to develop their relationship and what it means to be a young teen exploring new love. Stef and Lena continue to face challenges as a couple and as parents, yet are determined to fight through them together.


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The Fosters Season 3 release date for ABC Family June 8, 2015 20 Months Ago

Release Dates

The Fosters Season 3 was released on ABC Family 624d ago in the US.
ABC Family
June 8, 2015Confirmed
ABC Family
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