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The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 1 US Release Date

The tv series season The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 1 is already released on History in the USA.

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March 6, 2018Confirmed
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The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 1

TV Series Season

In 1865, Union soldiers from Michigan tracked down and arrested Confederate President Jefferson Davis before he could flee the country. These troops allegedly confiscated millions of dollars' worth of Confederate gold and silver that Davis was transporting and carried out a daring plot to smuggle it nearly 1,000 miles back home using the burgeoning railway system. According to a lighthouse keeper's deathbed confession years later, part of the stolen treasury was allegedly put into a train car on a barge that was deliberately pushed off a ferry into Lake Michigan. Kevin Dykstra, a Michigan native and history enthusiast, has been on a seven year quest to solve what happened to the lost gold of the Civil War and believes he can find the sunken train car. However, the sonar scanning of an estimated one hundred square miles will involve tens of thousands of dollars and Dykstra will need to show tangible proof of his theory to Marty before the Traverse City businessman will invest in Kevin's operation. This leads Dykstra and his team on a compelling hunt to the scene of the original heist.

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