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The Couch Trip Release Date

The movie The Couch Trip is already released on Blu-ray and DVD in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
August 18, 2015Confirmed
April 1, 2003Confirmed
June 13, 2016Confirmed
July 14, 2003Confirmed
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The Couch Trip


Dr. George Maitlin, a pompous radio self-help guru, is having his own personal mental breakdown. His lawyer puts in a call to a Cicero, IL, mental facility where the phone is answered by schizophrenic patient John Burns. Thinking Burns is a crony of Maitlin, Burns is offered the job of replacing Maitlin during his recovery. Of course, Burns accepts the job. Immediately jetted to Los Angeles, Burns meets panhandler Donald Becker at the airport. Burns takes to him immediately and they become fast friends. When Burns assumes command of the airwaves in Maitlin's place, his words of wisdom are so obvious and commonsensical that he is an overnight sensation. Meanwhile, in London, where Maitlin is convalescing, he gets wind of Burns' success. With renewed vigor and outrage, Maitlin leaves recovery and heads back to Los Angeles in an effort to recover his radio show.
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