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Tank Battle: East Front 1941 Release Date

The game Tank Battle: East Front 1941 is already released on Android in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
March 3, 2014Confirmed
March 3, 2014Confirmed
Tank Battle: East Front 1941 cover art
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Tank Battle: East Front 1941


Tank Battle: East Front 1941 unfolds on the Russian Front during the German invasion of 1941. Players fight on the side of the Soviets or the Germans in three campaigns: the seven-mission “First Strike” (Soviets), the eight-mission “Blitzkrieg” (Germans), and the eight-mission “Desperate Defense” (Soviets). Battles occur on winter and summer terrain and challenge players to make use first of obsolete equipment, such as the Panzer I and T-26, and then more advanced units as the war escalates. Missions involve wiping out enemy forces, capturing key points, and protecting vital supply convoys. Players can choose from 30 different German units and 14 Soviet units. Basic units include flamethrower infantry, heavy machine guns, riflemen, mortars, and supply dumps and trucks. Tank Battle: East Front 1941 employs Hunted Cow’s detailed Combat Analysis system to assist new and veteran players alike and features Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

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