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TALBOT Alpine/Solara UK Release Date

The classic car TALBOT Alpine/Solara upcoming Saloon release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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TALBOT Alpine/Solara cover art

TALBOT Alpine/Solara

Classic Car

Chrysler had huge ambition for its European division during the early 1970s – and using the diverse Rootes and Simca ranges as a starting point, drew up a modern looking range of FWD hatchbacks. First off the blocks was the Alpine in 1975, which was good enough to win the European Car of The Year award. It was smart and modern looking, but the politics of its maker took over, and when the Americans pulled out in 1978, the Chryslers became Talbots. In 1980 a handsome three-box version was unveiled, and as the Solara, went on to see Talbot to the death in 1986.

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