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Tabernacle: He Thought he was Alone Release Date

The book Tabernacle: He Thought he was Alone is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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December 20, 2014Confirmed
December 20, 2014Confirmed
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Tabernacle: He Thought he was Alone


Robert lifts himself off the ground only to find that the thugs are still there waiting to give him a few more punches to the face and stomach until he falls crumpled to the ground. His moans are low, and his breathing strained while he hears the thugs walking away one by one bragging to one another “I bet that will teach him to get in our way.” “Yes, we’ll never see that guy again.” After a few minutes he hears the jeeps, roadsters and cars takeoff one by one down a long dirt road thru the pine forest. Robert is left alone in the dark and not a clue where the thugs have eaten him. All Robert could remember was that he tried to cut in line at Pappy’s to get a drink, and one of the thugs came after him because he said Robert tried to cut in front of his girlfriend. Even when the thugs took him away, his friends just stood there without saying anything. Well, that is about all you can say about High School friends...

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