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SUNBEAM Tiger 260 US Release Date

The classic car SUNBEAM Tiger 260 upcoming Convertible release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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SUNBEAM Tiger 260 cover art

SUNBEAM Tiger 260

Classic Car

Long before Ken Costello came up with the idea of stuffing an American V8 under the bonnet of a British sports car to produce the MGB GT V8, Rootes came up with the plan of fitting a 4.2-litre Ford V8 in the Sunbeam Alpine, to produce the Tiger. Sales took off in the USA far more than in the UK, where the underdeveloped suspension set-up was far more evident, but before the Tiger got into its stride, the plug was pulled and the car went out of production. Why? Because Chrysler took a controlling stake in Rootes, and its own engine didn’t fit in the Tiger.

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