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STANDARD Ensign/Ensign De Luxe Release Date

The classic car STANDARD Ensign/Ensign De Luxe upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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STANDARD Ensign/Ensign De Luxe cover art

STANDARD Ensign/Ensign De Luxe

Classic Car

The Ensign started out as a stripped-down version of the Vanguard, lacking much of that car’s chrome trim and using cheaper materials inside. It was also fitted with a small-bore engine of just 1670cc. After four-cylinder Vanguard production ended in 1961, the Ensign was revitalised as the De Luxe. That kept the cheap Ensign’s grille, but had more chrome, a larger capacity engine than the Vanguard, and all came with a four-speed floor shift. Overdrive was also an option, and most came with disc brakes too. Unlike the cheap Ensign, there was an estate option for the De Luxe.

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