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Pandara’s Box, a new and independent games studio based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, releases their first game. SLIMEBOW is a free, endless runner minigame which gives you control over Slime McGloopin, the would-be hero of the studio’s up and coming series: Slime Versus the World. Available on Android, Windows and Apple smartphones, this free game introduces the studio to the industry and the public. SLIMEBOW is the only game we know off where you can help a sleepy Slime traverse an endless sprint along a rainbow by making sure he blends in with the oncoming Colour Walls. This is not your typical endless runner. You are given three lives and an unlimited amount of jumps to get through the game. However, unless you match the slime to the coloured wall, you won’t get that high score and reach fame.


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Slimebow release date for Android, iOS March 31, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Slimebow was released on Android and iOS 1064d ago in the US and the UK.
March 31, 2014Confirmed
March 31, 2014Confirmed
March 31, 2014Confirmed
March 31, 2014Confirmed
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