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Skeleton in the Closet Cinema US Release Date

The movie Skeleton in the Closet upcoming Cinema release date in the USA is to be announced.

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Skeleton in the Closet


"Skeleton's In The Closet" is a film about the spirit of La Llorona granting a costly wish to the parents of a child by curing her cancer. In saving the child from cancer, the mother of the child suffers the consequences by paying the ultimate price of losing her beloved husband as she becomes more evil and pledging her allegiance to La Llorona. While the father (Terrence Howard) spirals down the path of self destruction after borrowing hard money from a ruthless mobster to pay the hospital bills for his daughter. The backdrop of this tale includes the Mexican Spirit of Death, Santa Muerte, who attempts to lure the mother to do good and resist La Llorona to save her family.

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