SINGER Nine Roadster/4A/4B

Classic Car
  • Convertible

Inhabiting the same territory as MG’s T-series, Singer’s Nine Roadster used the beam axle and leaf spring suspension as found on the Ten and Twelve. It featured a vintage-looking open body with flowing wings and running boards. The 1074cc overhead-camshaft engine of 36bhp was lively enough in this wood-framed tourer although the mechanical brakes left a lot to be desired. 1949’s 4A changed the three-speed transmission for one with four ratios, while a year later the 4AB arrived with more compliant coil-over independent front suspension and better brakes.


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SINGER Nine Roadster/4A/4B release date TBA

Release Dates

The SINGER Nine Roadster/4A/4B release date is to be announced on Convertible.
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