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SINGER New Gazelle/Vogue Saloon Release Date

The classic car SINGER New Gazelle/Vogue upcoming Saloon release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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SINGER New Gazelle/Vogue cover art

SINGER New Gazelle/Vogue

Classic Car

Chrysler-controlled Rootes swept aside all its old cars in the latter half of the Sixties and replaced them with the new ‘Arrow’ range. The boxy design wasn’t too imaginative. The new Vogue was a Hillman Hunter given plusher touches and a touched-up nose; a year after its 1966 birth came the Gazelle. The chief differences between the two were that the Vogue had a 1725cc, 68bhp engine while the Gazelle only had 60bhp from its 1496cc engine (unless an automatic, in which case it got the 1725cc engine). Both models were dropped in 1970, along with the Singer name.

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