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Sick Note Season 1

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Sick Note is the story of Daniel Glass, a compulsive liar, who's stuck in a failing relationship and a dead-end job under the thumb of his irrepressible boss Kenny West. When he's diagnosed with cancer, everyone starts to treat him better, suddenly giving him a new lust for life. But then he finds out he was misdiagnosed by the most incompetent oncologist on Earth, Dr Ian Glennis. When he decides to keep the new information to himself, the lie spirals out of control and both Daniel and Dr Glennis must attempt to prevent the truth from getting out.

Sick Note Season 1 release date for Sky 1 TBA (US)
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Sick Note Season 1 was released on 804d ago in the UK.
Sky 1
Sky 1
November 7, 2017Confirmed
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