6 Years Ago September 9, 2014 uk

Sherwood Nation Kindle UK Release Date

The book Sherwood Nation is already released on Kindle in the UK.

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September 9, 2014Confirmed
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Sherwood Nation


Water rations are down to one gallon per person per day . . . the mayor is proposing digging a trench to the Pacific Ocean . . . dried out West Coast cities are crumbling and being abandoned by the east . . . and in Portland, Oregon, water is declared a communal right but hoarding and riots persist. Amidst this, a young water activist nicknamed Maid Marian (a.k.a. Renee, 20-something, barista and eternal part-time college student) becomes a hero. She rides her swelling popularity in opposition to the city government and becomes an icon to a city in need. Even as Maid Marian and her compatriots build a new community one neighbor at a time, they make powerful enemies in the city government and the National Guard. Their idealistic dream is quickly caught up in a brutal fight for survival. Sherwood Nation is a post-collapse non-apocalyptic novel! It is the story of the rise and fall of a micronation within a city. It is a love story, a war story, a grand social experiment, a treatise on hacking and remaking government, on freedom and necessity, on individualism and community.

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