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Sharkfest returns this July with incredible stories from the world's leading scientists, along with wall-to-wall sharks. 700 Sharks features one of the largest shark swarms in the world, where a team spent three years plotting to descend among them. Shark vs. Tuna is a clash of oceanic titans and Where Big Sharks Rule zeroes in on South Africa's rocky coast where there's enough food to sustain the biggest jaws in the sea. Shark season has officially begun and Nat Geo WILD is your go-to channel for the most sharks per square inch of television.

SharkFest Season 3 release date for National Geographic WILD July 2018 2 Months Left (US)
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The upcoming SharkFest Season 3 National Geographic WILD release date is July 2018 in the US.
National Geographic WILD
July 2018Confirmed
National Geographic WILD

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