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Secret Lives of Americans Season 2 US Release Date

The tv series season Secret Lives of Americans Season 2 is already released on Pivot in the USA.

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May 20, 2016Confirmed
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Secret Lives of Americans Season 2

TV Series Season

We all have secrets. But at a certain point, they become too big to keep. "Secret Lives of Americans" is a fascinating, new documentary series that takes a look at the secrets we all keep, and the strength it takes to reveal them to our friends and family. Eating disorders, food security, HIV/AIDS, and debt are just a few of issues in the U.S. that push many to secrecy and isolation. For these ten courageous Americans, though, now is the time to finally come clean. In a groundbreaking storytelling format, each person will self-document their journey – with handheld cameras, phones, and laptops - as they reveal their secret to their friends, their family, and to you.

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