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Seconds: A Graphic Novel (Bryan Lee O'Malley) Release Date

The comic Seconds: A Graphic Novel (Bryan Lee O'Malley) is already released on Graphic Novel in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
Graphic Novel
July 15, 2014Confirmed
Graphic Novel
August 14, 2014Confirmed
Seconds: A Graphic Novel (Bryan Lee O'Malley) cover art
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Seconds: A Graphic Novel (Bryan Lee O'Malley)


The highly anticipated new standalone full-colour graphic novel from Bryan Lee O Malley, author and artist of the hugely bestselling Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series Katie s got it pretty good. She s a talented young chef, she runs a successful restaurant, and she has big plans to open an even better one. Then, all at once, progress on the new location bogs down, her charming ex-boyfriend pops up, her fling with another chef goes sour, and her best waitress gets badly hurt. And just like that, Katie s life goes from pretty good to not so much. What she needs is a second chance. Everybody deserves one, after all but they don t come easy. Luckily for Katie, a mysterious girl appears in the middle of the night with simple instructions for a do-it-yourself do-over...

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