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Scourge - A Medical Thriller (Victor Methos) Release Date

The book Scourge - A Medical Thriller (Victor Methos) is already released on Kindle in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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August 30, 2014Confirmed
August 30, 2014Confirmed
Scourge - A Medical Thriller (Victor Methos) cover art
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Scourge - A Medical Thriller (Victor Methos)


THE END OF THE WORLD Dr. Samantha Bower witnessed the obliteration of human society. Entire continents decimated by a virus of unknown origins. Only a bleak world of ash and blood remains. One in which the survivors fundamentally change what it means to be human. Samantha now struggles to make sense of the devastation, and the horrific response of humanity to an extinction level event. Left with little else, she accepts help from a man once sent to kill her. He offers her hope: a small village in the Congolese jungle unaffected by the virus. A place called Shangri-La that he claims to have seen firsthand. A place where the deepest mysteries of man's arrogance over nature will finally be answered for her. The world a barbaric wasteland, she must place her trust in a man that is fundamentally untrustworthy. With no other options, she goes with him in search for Shangri-La, and will discover a truth she could never have imagined.

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