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Scandalous: Scandalous Billionaires

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When is the attraction between a man and a woman too scandalous to be contemplated? 29 year old multi-billionaire CEO Jason Demovic has the looks of a movie star, the body of a cage fighter and the wealth of Bill Gates. 26 year old newly qualified psychotherapist Melissa Price has a MENSA level IQ, the appearance of a prim school mistress and the bank account of a pauper. He wants her. She needs him. He's got to have her. She longs for his desire. Only problem is, a therapist and client should never, ever, ever be together. Download now to find out who wins and who loses in this steamy battle of the sexes!


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Scandalous: Scandalous Billionaires release date June 25, 2014 2 Years Ago

Release Dates

Scandalous: Scandalous Billionaires was released 974d ago in the US and the UK.
June 25, 2014Confirmed
June 25, 2014Confirmed
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