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ROVER P5 US Release Date

The classic car ROVER P5 upcoming Saloon release date in the USA is to be announced.

Release Dates

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ROVER P5 cover art


Classic Car

Introduced in 1959, the Rover P5 became the company’s flagship, easily slotting in above the P4 105 models. In the process, it became the favoured transport of British prime ministers and royalty. The new styling had been penned by David Bache while the monocoque body (Rover’s first) had been engineered by Spen King and Gordon Bashford. Power was from a 2995cc version of the IOE that had first seen service in the P3, but which continued to deliver supreme smoothness and refinement. The cabin was predictably awash with wood and leather. Prices shown are for saloons, add another 25% for Coupes.

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