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Romero's Aftermath Release Date

The game Romero's Aftermath is already released on PC in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

Report Date / Submit ProductReport Date / Submit Product
September 24, 2015Confirmed
September 24, 2015Confirmed
Romero's Aftermath cover art


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Romero's Aftermath


CURRENTLY IN OPEN BETA: Survive against the odds in a giant sandbox MMO world featuring lush forests, dry desert plains, peaceful meadows and the eerie zombies that inhabit the world. Scavenge for guns, supplies, survival items and crafting materials in various zones including cities, farms, military bases, abandoned outposts, forgotten rest stops and hundreds of small encampments left behind by survivors before you. Build and protect your shelter, harvest crops, learn crafting blueprints and store your items on our server in your Global Inventory or hide them in a stash box in the world. Be a civilian, a trader, a protector of peace, a ruthless bandit or combination of them all. Customize your character with hundreds of visual cosmetic items including Headwear, Facewear, Shirts, Jackets and Pants. Swap your cosmetic items at any time on the fly, unlock weapon skins and show everyone in a safezone that you know where to find the rare items.


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