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Rising Empires First Edition Release Date

The boardgame Rising Empires is already released on First Edition in the USA and UK.

Release Dates

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First Edition
First Edition
Rising Empires cover art
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Rising Empires


Dark days have fallen on the world. Kingdoms are turning on kingdoms. You and your army are out to unite them all under one empire, to protect them from themselves. Other empires are rising to do the same, but they aren't worthy of the task. You must lead your army to capture these kingdoms and put them under your empire's rule. Send your army to a kingdom to fight off any rising empires. You must conquer or be conquered as you lead the next Rising Empire. Capture kingdoms with powerful armies. Score victory points from the kingdom cards you capture. The game is played with 5 kingdom cards in the middle of the table and players on each side of the table. Players add cards to either their army's side or their opponent's side. The victory goes to the biggest army for each kingdom. Each kingdom has requirements it needs in order to be played on. Victory is achieved by the first player to reach 15 or more victory points.

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