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RENAULT Floride coupé/convertible Release Date

The classic car RENAULT Floride coupé/convertible upcoming Convertible release date in the USA and UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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RENAULT Floride coupé/convertible cover art

RENAULT Floride coupé/convertible

Classic Car

Dauphine underneath, coupé or convertible on top. The design was by Frua and almost merited the hefty price tag. However, those expecting the looks to have some substance were to be disappointed, for the underpinnings were Dauphine, which meant just 38bhp from the rear-mounted four-cylinder engine. The Floride S of 1962 injected some vigour thanks to a 956cc engine giving 51bhp, but that was only available as a convertible. Nevertheless, the often ‘interesting’ handling probably meant that the car’s speed was just the right side of manageable. Add 30% for convertible prices.

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