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Religion of Sports Season 1

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Religion of Sports is an original documentary series that examines unique examples of sports' cultural and at times, even spiritual, impact in regions around the world. Season 1 of "Religion of Sports" will be comprised of 6 original hour-long episodes that examine unique examples where specific sports profoundly influence societies and cultures in a manner that extends far beyond merely entertainment value. "Religion of Sports" will take viewers on a weekly global journey, celebrating the transcendent power of sports. This season, viewers will experience the pilgrimage that hundreds of thousands of fans make to NASCAR events to witness men and machines making miracles, the exploration of man's dominion over the earth and the animals at the Calgary Stampede, and the cult-like rise of UFC and mixed martial arts fighting because of its raw and primordial action.

Religion of Sports Season 1 release date for Audience Network November 15, 2016 2 Years Ago (US)
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Religion of Sports Season 1 was released on Audience Network 1093d ago in the US.
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November 15, 2016Confirmed
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