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Real Story of... Season 3 Release Date

The tv series season Real Story of... Season 3 is already released on Reelz in the USA. The upcoming Reelz release date in the UK is to be announced.

Release Dates

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January 9, 2018Confirmed
Real Story of... Season 3 cover art
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Real Story of... Season 3

TV Series Season

What happens when the story and the people behind a movie are more intriguing, and thrilling than the movie itself? New episodes of Real Story of... reveal the true stories behind famous and in some cases Oscar-nominated movies including why Mark Zuckerberg says that his clothes are the only accurate things in the movie The Social Network or why the hero of Hacksaw Ridge was even more courageous than the movie depicts. Other new episodes show the incredible true stories behind Zodiac, Goodfellas, Zero Dark Thirty and Patriot's Day. Each hour-long episode takes viewers behind the scenes to separate fact from fiction with interviews from the real people who experienced the extraordinary events and also uses enthralling dramatic reconstructions and archive footage of the actual events depicted in the movies.

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